• Support Small Business

    We are a small business in Kansas City, that sources our wood from other small business suppliers here in the area. So when you buy our products, you're not just helping support us. You're helping MANY small businesses here in KC.

  • Made In The USA

    Our entire production process happens here in the USA. You'd be surprised how many other "makers" or Etsy sellers are buying premade products from overseas, and selling them as their own. We take pride in the fact that your product started as locally sourced, raw materials in our shop, and we transform them into the amazing final product we ship to your door.

  • Hand Made Just For You

    We make our products one at a time, and just for you. We can personalize most of our products because we don't start making anything until you place your order. And on average we still have custom orders shipped within 2-3 business days.

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Want A One-Of-A-Kind, 100% Custom Board?

We are now taking orders for custom cutting boards! Send us a message using our contact form to start the process!

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